Second hand big bag

second hand big bag

very large capacity second hand big bag

Big bag of re-use 87x87x130cm 1000kg

Second hand big bag which contained only food. Internal dimensions 87x87x130 cm, Resistance 1000kg - 6/1 Filling skirt, emptying spout 35x50 cm, 4 handles of 30 cm,   Having contained only food products  Minimum order threshold: 10 units.

Big bag of re-use 92x92x120cm 1250kg sold / 10 pieces

second hand big bag,4 lifting points 40cm connected by 2,Internal dimensions 92x92x120cm,Filling spout 50x50cm,Emptying spout 35x50cm,Resistance 1250kg -5/1Circular and laminated fabric, Sold in packs of 10 units

Big bag reused 100x100x105 600kg sold / 10 pieces

Big bag of re-use,1 lifting point,Internal dimensions 100x100x105cm,Filling spout,Emptying spout,600kg resistance - 5/1 QBAG - internal honeycomb structureLaminated canvas, double stitching Bib Bag Nine never used, however they are dusty. Sold in packs of 10 units

Big bag reused 65x105x170 QL 1000kg sold / 10 pieces

Second hand big bag 4 handles of 30 cm,Internal dimensions 65x105x170 cm,Filling spout 40x50 cm,Drain spout 40x50 cm,1000kg resistance - 5/1QBAG - internal honeycomb structure Sold in packs of 10 units

second hand big bag 70x100x160 cm 1250kg

second hand big bag,Internal dimensions 70x100x160cm,Filling spout 40x50cm,Emptying spout 30x60cm,1000kg resistance -5/1Laminated canvas4 handles of 25 cmMinimum order threshold: 10 units.

Second hand big bag 88x88x160cm 1000kg

Second hand big bag Internal dimensions 88x88x160 cm,1000 kg resistance - 5/1,Filling spout 45x60 cmEmptying spout 25x50 cm,4 handles of 30 cmLaminated and circular canvas,Pajama bottoms. Minimum order threshold: 10 units.
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