Burlap bag

burlap bag

Burlap bag

Burlap bag new 71x104 cm food grade

Burlap bag new dimensions 71x104cm, resistance 50kgfood grade41 'x 10 Oz / 40' x 11 x 12 pxsWeave denser than the bag reference SAC-013, compatible with printingSold individually.

New burlap bag 60x105cm

Burlap bag new dimensions 60x105cm, resistance 50kg Sold in packs of 10 units
Burlap bag Burlap bag 2
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Sisal bag 72x90 cm sold by the unit

sisal bag re-use of dimensions 72x90 cm, marked CAFE SOFIAIt contained coffeeSold per unit, decreasing price per 10
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