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new removable Silobag composed of : 1 support, four candles, one drain valve, 1 big bag

SUP-001/ DIV-100 / BBR-018-6

Earn 1 point each €10.00

Silobag composed of:

- new galvanized manubag support, spacing 95 cm composed of a base with passage of forks and a reinforced frame (sup-001-1)

- 4 candles of 210 cm

- 1 drain valve Ø 70 mm butterfly type with secure grip, screw sealing cap (div-100)

- 1 reused big bag 88x88x160 cm, 1000 kg, 5/1, filling spout and draining spout and laminated circular canvas, pijama bottom + b'lock (BBR-018-6).

Ideal for use to protect grains and other pests.

Easy assembly (no screws)

Resists  at   1T5.

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