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new Big Bag 94x94x100 cm 1000kg

Reusable new big bag and returnable 1m3

Minimum order threshold: 10 units.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.
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new Big bag  *   reusable and returnable 1m3

4 lifting straps of 80 cm, recovery in 1 point of possible lifting (the straps surround the bottom of the big bag for more solidity)

Dim inside 94 x 94 x 100 cm

Full opening on the top with closure for 3 mini flaps and 1 protective cover for total closure

Flat bottom with a central lifting strap.

1000 kg, 6/1

The emptying of the bag is easy by the method of turning the big bag.

This method allows to reuse the big bag even with bulky materials like paper, cardboard, tarpaulins and plastic parts, wood, bark, potting soil, wood chips etc.

The drain is secure, no need to slip under the big bag hanging to open the bag.

The bottom remains in place, no manipulation to close it.

Another innovative product at CONTAINERS SERVICE.

Savings of the 2nd use.

Fewer bags used so less packaging waste.

ECO SELECT "for on-site selective waste sorting in CSR concept
Make your waste a resource of attractive raw materials.
The ECO SELECT SOLUTION that is proposed to you is suitable for all types of users whether in an industrial group, an SME, a TPE or craft and individual companies.
This solution, which uses a specific big bag as well as a suitable support, will allow you to set up quickly in all points.
Thanks to a minimum space requirement and its ease of installation, the ECOSELECT SOLUTION will be a major and essential asset for sorting at the source.
You will thus realize significant gains on the valuation of your raw materials by offering to the waste service providers products perfectly homogeneous and of 1st quality.
Through this solution you can also realize significant savings on skip rentals, waste transportation, and processing.
You will be able either to empty the big bags during the collection of waste or to put big bags filled with various waste in the same bucket.
By offering a color code (green, black, blue, white) for big bags handles, you will have the opportunity to easily differentiate waste.
The closing system thanks to 4 flaps on the top makes it possible to store in a waterproof and secure way outside or in skip.
The bottom handle offers by turning a drain effective and easy for all types of products; this handle makes it possible to suppress any closing operation of the bottom of the big bag.

 Minimum order threshold: 10 units.

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