Fut métalique

Fut métalique
Metal drum from 213 to 220 liters.

Available only for re-use: contains food in a cover, usually clean (not guaranteed) unless the cover has been pierced or torn.
sold as is, unwashed.

UN barrels are approved to contain dangerous products.

Regarding reuse, arrivals are random, so we can not guarantee homogeneity in shapes and colors for the same reference.

Second hand metallic drums

Second hand metallic drum sold with its lid and banding grasshopper we can not guarantee the color or markings these drums contained only food in a bag/cover any order, contact us

Used drum ± 213L without lid

Metal re-use drum ± 213 L with full openingsold without a lid,we do not guarantee color or markingsThese barrels contained only food products in a cover.Presence of shocks and scratchesMaximum 8 units per order, for more contact us.
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