Renovated drums

Renovated drums
renovated plastic barrel:
Past a renovator, washed, the labels are removed, guaranteed sealing.
There is no indication of previous content that may be chemical.

Renovated blue plastic 220L drum

Blue plastic 220 L drums UN  with full opening, cover with strapping grasshopper, used, renovated     Maximum 4 units per order, for more contact us

Refurbished drum 220L cerclage grasshopper UN

Drum 220 liters UN plastic blue opening, American, lid with cerclage grasshopper (with 2 plugs for some), used renovatedMaximum 8 units per order, not combinable with other futs, for more contact us.Use :- Chemical products

Blue plastic renovated 30L drum

Blue plastic 30 liters drum with full opening, UN, lid with grasshopper strapping, with two handles on the body.  Maximum 10 units per order, for more contact us.
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