second-hand drum:
non-dangerous food or chemical origin.
Sold as is, unwashed. Depending on the provenances, residues can remain inside.

For reuse, arrivals are random, so we can not guarantee homogeneity in shapes and colors for the same reference.

Second hand 120L drum

Barrel of 120 liters full opening with grasshopper strapping sold in state contained only food products (organic yeast)   Maximum 6 units per order, for more contact us
Fut de 60 l réemploi
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second hand 60L drums

Second hand 60L drums screw cap with handle only contained food products round or square drums depending on availability
second hand drum 160L... second hand drum 160L... 2
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  • -€5.33

second hand drum 160L sold/1 unit

  around 160 liters drumComplete opening  Drum with clip-on lid and without strappingSold in conditionContained only food productsMaximum 6 units per order, if more please contact us
€8.00 €13.33

second hand drum 60L, screwed lid, UN, food

second hand drum 60 liters, white plastic, full opening, screwed red lid, unwashed.Logos UN and food.They contained powdered probiotics27 units maximum per order, not combinable with other barrels, for more, thank you to contact us.

used 220L plastic drum

Drum 220 liters plastic full opening, screwed lid, used, unwashed.   COLOR gray, black or other depending on delivery   4 units maximum per order, for more thank you to contact us.
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