Eco Select Solution

eco select solution

ECOSELECT : for the sorting of waste on the site with CSR concept - turn your waste into an attractive resource of raw materials - the ECOSELECT solution that is offered is suitable for any type of user, whether in an industrial group, a small company or craft or individual companies. This solution which uses a special big bag and a suitable support will allow a rapid implementation at any point - thanks to an easy installation and the small place taken, the ECOSELECT solution will be a major and indispensable asset to perform sorting at source - and you will realize significant gains on the value of your raw materials proposing perfectly homogeneous and first quality products to suppliers - you can realize significant savings on tub renting, transport and waste treatment - it will be possible either to empty the big bags at the waste collection or to put the big bags full of different waste in a same tub - by offering a color code for loops ( green, black, blue and white ) you will be able to easily differenciate waste - closure system thanks to the 4 flaps on the top enables a secure and tightly storage outside or in a tub - the loop at the bottom (with reversal system ) offers an efficient and easy emptying for all king of products - this loop will remove any closing operation of the bottom of the big bag.

ECO-SELECT holding support

ECO-SELECT holding support thickness 4mm finish: zinc assembled dimensions : 90x90x120
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