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second hand 60L drums second hand 60L drums 2
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second hand 60L drums

Second hand 60L drums screw cap with handle only contained food products round or square drums depending on availability
Second hand 120L drum Second hand 120L drum 2
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Second hand 120L drum

Barrel of 120 liters full opening with grasshopper strapping sold in state contained only food products (organic yeast)   Maximum 6 units per order, for more contact us

Blue plastic 60L drum

60 liter blue plastic drum with full opening, UN, cover with grasshopper strapping, renovated (previous content unknown) round or square shape following receipt   Maximum 8 units per order, for more contact us.

Blue plastic renovated 30L drum

Blue plastic 30 liters drum with full opening, UN, lid with grasshopper strapping, with two handles on the body.  Maximum 10 units per order, for more contact us.

Liner for drum

liner for drumwith a welded round bottom 600x1300 mm Non-shrinkable colorless LDPEfood grade with certificatethickness 150 μ

Refurbished drum 220L cerclage grasshopper UN

Drum 220 liters UN plastic blue opening, American, lid with cerclage grasshopper (with 2 plugs for some), used renovatedMaximum 8 units per order, not combinable with other futs, for more contact us.Use :- Chemical products

second hand drum 60L, screwed lid, UN, food

second hand drum 60 liters, white plastic, full opening, screwed red lid, unwashed.Logos UN and food.They contained powdered probiotics27 units maximum per order, not combinable with other barrels, for more, thank you to contact us.

used 220L plastic drum

Drum 220 liters plastic full opening, screwed lid, used, unwashed.   COLOR gray, black or other depending on delivery   4 units maximum per order, for more thank you to contact us.

Renovated blue plastic 220L drum

Blue plastic 220 L drums UN  with full opening, cover with strapping grasshopper, used, renovated     Maximum 4 units per order, for more contact us

Recycled 600L tank, washed, of food origin

washed 600L tank on pallet (wood, plastic, galva), equipped with a drain valve. Contained only food products (alcohol, additive syrup, aromas ...) dimensions: 80x120x90cmThe IBC has to be ordered by 4 maximum - if you need more, please contact us

New 300L tank UN 31HA1 / Y

New 300L tank UN 31HA1 / Yalimentary"It is the customer's responsibility to check the compatibility of its product with the packaging in compliance with the legislation on the transport of hazardous materials in force"plastic pallet,galvanized frame,molded drain valve Ø 56mm S60x6,Maximum 6 tanks per order, not combinable with other tanks, for more...

Used drum ± 213L without lid

Metal re-use drum ± 213 L with full openingsold without a lid,we do not guarantee color or markingsThese barrels contained only food products in a cover.Presence of shocks and scratchesMaximum 8 units per order, for more contact us.

Second hand metallic drums

Second hand metallic drum sold with its lid and banding grasshopper we can not guarantee the color or markings these drums contained only food in a bag/cover any order, contact us

Female plug S60x6

Female plug S60x6 for valve outlet, with seal and seal for passage of drain
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