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Container 300l, 600l or 1000l on wooden pallet, plastic or galva (according to delivery) with metal frame.
Sold with closure cap and drain valve.

Available in different categories:

- Re-use: food or chemical origin not dangerous. Sold as is, unwashed. Depending on the provenances, residues can remain inside.
- Renovated: Tank passed to a renovator, it was washed, the labels are removed. There is no indication of previous content that may be chemical.
- New: tank never used

UN tanks are approved to contain hazardous products.

Approximate dimensions of the tanks, the height may vary according to the pallet:
   300 l: 80x60x100 cm
   600 l! 80x120x100 cm
1000 l: 100x120x110 cm

1000L reuse tank syrup / sugar

1000L standard tank, on pallet (wood / plastic / galva according to arrival), equipped with a drain valve. Contains only components for syrup (aroma, sugar ...)Dimension 100x120x110cmMaximum 2 tanks per order, not combinable with other tanks, for more contact us.
Cuve 1000 litres neuve Cuve 1000 litres neuve 2
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First hand 1000 liters tank

First hand 600 liters tank wooden pallet fixed valve diameter 50 mm HDPE translucent pouch no marking plaque - no drain spout galvanized tubes frame filling cap diameter 150 mm
€140.00 €160.00

New 300L tank UN 31HA1 / Y

New 300L tank UN 31HA1 / Yalimentary"It is the customer's responsibility to check the compatibility of its product with the packaging in compliance with the legislation on the transport of hazardous materials in force"plastic pallet,galvanized frame,molded drain valve Ø 56mm S60x6,Maximum 6 tanks per order, not combinable with other tanks, for more...

Recycled 600L tank, washed, of food origin

washed 600L tank on pallet (wood, plastic, galva), equipped with a drain valve. Contained only food products (alcohol, additive syrup, aromas ...) dimensions: 80x120x90cmThe IBC has to be ordered by 4 maximum - if you need more, please contact us

Renovated 1000L tank UN

Renovated 1000L tank, on palletUN 31HA1sold with lid and drain valveMaximum 2 tanks per order, not combinable with other tanks, for more contact us.
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